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About Us

With a rich history spanning over 25 years, MOTR GRAFX transcends its identity as a minority/women-owned printing company. Our team remains poised and prepared to tackle even the most formidable challenges. We take immense satisfaction in our unwavering commitment to thoroughly explore every avenue in search of optimal solutions.

Above all else, our focus is on people. We devote time and effort to cultivate authentic, dependable relationships with both our business associates and team members. Fearlessness defines our approach, as we willingly embrace risk and venture into creative experimentation to unearth and enhance opportunities, elevate quality, and optimize affordability.


Our portfolio of creative marketing and state-of-the-art printing capabilities encompasses everything from small-scale campaigns to large-scale initiatives.

Capabilities include:

   • Marketing and branding

   • Digital and print campaigns

   • Project Management

   • Digital, Litho, Screen, Web and Large format printing

   • Direct Mail

   • POP and Packaging


MOTR GRAFX stands prepared to transform your ideas into reality, delivering dynamic results that surpass your expectations.

Meet The Team

Delia M. Saboya
Lissette Herin
Vice President/Partner
Paul Litardo
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